Do you want to be different, but without changing your baubles and ornaments?

You can!

Christmas is very nearly here! Have you started decorating your home for the most ceremonious time of the year yet?
I still haven’t and, up to now, I’ve only been coming up with ideas…

Are there really decoration trends when it comes to Christmas? Or does some new ornament that you happened to like particularly make you happy every year?!

I believe that most of us use ornaments “from dusty boxes” year in and year out. My three boxes are full of ornaments I could split into several categories J

  • “Base ornaments” – These can go with anything and they come in different sizes (gold or silver in color). I’m convinced I have way too many of them, but I regularly run out when I need them the most!
  • “Vintage” – The leftovers I inherited from my mom, grandma, aunts and other family. Years later, if they survive your youthful contempt, you realize they are priceless! If you find them ugly, stash them away, and in a few years you’ll see their beauty!
  • “Colored baubles” – Always in limited amounts. These are the ornaments responsible for blue, yellow, green, etc. Christmases. This year, I bought simple pink baubles – because I liked them! I don’t know if I’ll be able to brag also about a ‘pink Christmas’. Hopefully not.
    This is a category I upgrade and change. In time, a little bit of everything finds its way here. Generally, I’m always ‘with it’. J
  • “Ornamental details” – Various little birds, icicles, chimney sweeps, snowmen and the rest of the gang. They always seem to pop up and find their place on the Christmas tree, especially if you have kids! I believe you only use some of them just to get a break! 😉
    And then, ‘only using some of them’ becomes so sentimental that some of these little details suddenly enter the category of…
  • “Special ornaments” – YES! These are the most important ones!
    Ornaments which we link to special people, warm moments, nice events. Ornaments which remind us and take us back to times past! We remember the exact moments we bought or received them.
    For them, we reserve ‘those’ branches of the tree which are the best and the strongest!

Do you want to be different, but without changing your baubles and ornaments? You can!

Look at a few great ideas on how to be a bit different, use a living, somewhat larger and different tree and, not least of all – stay environmentally friendly.


Next spring, you can plant or gift this tree, and besides, it really has a place in on every balcony or terrace – until next Christmas when it’ll be even bigger and more beautiful…

I hope I’ve inspired you to stay the same, but a little bit different! 😉

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